Akın Tekstil garment range

Integrated apparel solutions provider

For more than 30 years Akın has become a finished garment solution provider for most of our customers. Manufacturing mainly Men's  and Women's trousers and bermudas Akın delivers more than 250.000 pieces of garments monthly. Our garment production site is under the same roofs of fabric production plant so we are very time and cost efficient.

All of our epmloyees are members of the workers' union and we provide a very high standard working environment for our team mates.

As of 2021 our product groups evolved into shirts, dresses, skirt, blouses and  more Women's products. We offer a wide range of sustainable, cotton and blends, wool, real indigo, corduroy, linen, garment dye and yarn dyed fabrics in our collection.

All stages of our operation is fully auidited and we comply with most demanding standards of the industry. It will be a privilege for us having the opportunity to show you our good quality and fast service.

You are more than welcome to have a coffee with us at our brand new show room.